July 11, 2010

Yesterday was a really good day guys. Maybe you will blame me because it’s absolutely not a “save the planet” kind of thing, but the adrenalin shot was worth it. What I did so far ? Thanks to my girl, I’ve been on a racetrack to drive an old Porsche 911, and then, the incredibly powerfull/kicking ass/520 cv Lamborghini Gallardo. This was totally amazing and I thought for a second to never come back to the pit and drive away home. Problem, I don’t have the money to pay the gas for the ride.

Long introduction, I know. See the other pictures and my first impressions with a Canon7D by clicking just down there.

I know you want to do it come on don’t be shy.

Another great thing in this unusual day, I’ve borrowed the Canon 7D of my pal Olivier. It’s the first real DSLR I got in hands and thought the awesomenesses on four wheels could be a good subject. I was right, but as always, I ended up shooting the people more than the cars.

Conclusion, this piece of equipment is F……. something you don’t want to give back either. Olivier, I’m leaving the country with it and you’ll never find me again Ah Ah Ah Ah (James Bond bad guy laugh).

The only annoying things I noticed are first, the weight, and a strangely placed playback button which force you to use the left hand when you want to see a shoot. I’ve been grunting all day long because of this.

As they were my first shoots with it and I didn’t have time to read the impressive user guide that goes with it, be kind. But I think I’m gonna try to borrow it again. Olivier if you hear me…

Bye guys, see you on the next post.

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