Süperfad for Playstation

June 18, 2010

Hi everybody. It’s Friday so it’s motion graphic day.

As it take a long time to cook some good pieces of animation to show you (don’t forget I’m a beginner with all those new ingredients), I will post here either my stuff, others stuff, tutorial links and everything connected to motion.

Just before writing this one, the idea was to tell you all the good things I could about the last GreyScaleGorilla tutorial. It’s a crazy long one with lots of tips for both Cinema 4D and After Effects, making the Cherry 7UP look.

I still think you really, I mean, really should go and check it.

A tweet away from the wordpress login page, a link came to me and drive me to the Süperfad website and their last animation piece.

It was pretty good. But what I found just a few pixels away is stunning. The Playstation 3 Commercial they made is fast, bold, rich and the music that goes with it is perfect. One of the thing I dream to work on one day.

Have a look on that and if you are like me you will watch it, over and over and over and over and over and… You understand what I subtlety mean.

Enjoy buddies and see you tomorrow for the links day, and maybe, some nice surprise.

I am so a teaser king !

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