Still Fighting

May 30, 2010

It’s been a while since the last post folks. This because I had some work and took a week of vacation in New-York City.

Don’t be afraid, the lazy didn’t catch me. I learned a lot during the last month. Not only in watching tutos but also in making my own animation to introduce this site.

I’ve been inspired by the destruction plugin to explode the house and really loved the envelope spline tool of C4D for the ribbon.
As I said before I’m kind of a begginer with Cinema and After Effects so don’t be cruel. I know some part of it could be “sexier” but you sometimes have to finish one project to do better on the next one.

I also discovered the utility of tweeter and just started to learn how to use it.

Last thing, I couldn’t resist to buy an iPad when I was in the US.
Once you have the good apps in this thing, it becomes the perfect tool. You can have all the social connections, show your work, photos and videos look awesome on it, and of course play with it.
Maybe I will make a full post about it cause there is so much to say.

Have fun and I promise I will update soon.

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