Some more abstract and a spider.

July 14, 2010

Hey guess who is back again !

Today I’m really excited, let me explain why. If you remember well, I’ve got some silkscreening issues. So I have played with real 3D stuff like electrical screwdriver, a sander and a saw for two days. No I wasn’t doing a bad remake of Seven, just rebuilding my DIY printer from scratch. And you know what ?! The first tests are looking quite good. The rain invited herself to the party, so I have to wait for the weekend to test it more and start printing the Fight The Lazy logo onto shinny white T-shirts.

I also worked on some business cards, and think it’s just gonna be the logo on one side and a blue flat color on the back. Simple. No phone, no mail, no name, everybody got a browser as near as a phone now. That make me think that I have to make a page with those infos somewhere !

About the drawings, that’s what I’ve sketch in between the woodwork sessions. Still strange, still abstract, except for the spider, inspired by a too close reality.

See you guys.

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Books: TDC

July 12, 2010

If you want to understand why you have to read the entire Type Directors Club collection, hit the link dudes.

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July 11, 2010

Yesterday was a really good day guys. Maybe you will blame me because it’s absolutely not a “save the planet” kind of thing, but the adrenalin shot was worth it. What I did so far ? Thanks to my girl, I’ve been on a racetrack to drive an old Porsche 911, and then, the incredibly powerfull/kicking ass/520 cv Lamborghini Gallardo. This was totally amazing and I thought for a second to never come back to the pit and drive away home. Problem, I don’t have the money to pay the gas for the ride.

Long introduction, I know. See the other pictures and my first impressions with a Canon7D by clicking just down there.

I know you want to do it come on don’t be shy.

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Teasing about the next fight.

July 6, 2010

Dudes, guys, whatever you could be.

I’m teasing you with these images and no, don’t insist, I won’t tell you what are they made for.

The only thing I can say is that I’ve made them. It’s just some rough stuff to show you that the lazy is not winning the fight, even if I miss my schedule. But you know, it’s hard to keep the line when my workday is quite full already.

Come back soon for more and I’ll tell you nice stories again.

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Links: Last week flavor 3. Friends Special.

July 3, 2010

This week link list is a bit special. For the first time I will promote people that I actually know in the real life out there. Yeah, go deep in your brain you’ll see what I’m talking about, you nerds. That thing hiding on the other side of the door.

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