OFFF Paris Day 3: Last but not least.

June 27, 2010

Hey folks ! Welcome to the third and last report from the OFFF Paris 2010.

To start that last day, we were welcomed by Joachim Sauter, founder of Art+Com.

Since 1988 he create with other artists, designers, scientists, and technologists. They have created design installations for all kind of people and brands. From BMW to the World Expo of Shangai, they create magical pieces of art. Even if technology is always at the center of it, the goal is to make it disappear, to let the space to romantic and poetic feelings. I already saw some, as they usually get lots of awards, but didn’t knew it was the same studio who made all of them.

A very inspiring talk, fully of wisdom. A cool start.

You really should go and see all the works on the Art+Com site.

One hour later, Grady & Metcalf, the guys who run the Lemon magazine came to speak about how they manage to work full time in different advertising agencies and produce personal stuff. Those folks fight what they call “Analysis Paralysis” and gave us some keys to do it as well. They were also talking about the fear of doing something, that’s why they put on screen the frightened cat you can see on top of this post.

The fifth issue of the Lemon should be out soon so check it out. Oh, and the website is HTML only and looks like a flash one. Good point !

Ok, you want some loud and heavy stuff ? Here comes Non-Format. Well, to be honest, just half of it. The other one was waiting for his baby to enter the world.

I could not say which of Kjell Ekhom and Jon Forss was on stage but I’m pretty sure he had about 68 Red Bull before. Of course he showed us Non-Format good works, but he mostly talked about the circle life of style. I’m quite unable to talk about it cause the moment was so intense, played like an stand up show, words wouldn’t be enough. But the thing is that it’s good to see Non-Format on top again as they have disappeared for some time.

A little joke for the Mickey/Tiger image. He told us that it’s very simple to have a laugh at a tiger. As long as he stays on a screen.

An other impressive thing about this studio is that they don’t live in the same country anymore. One is in Denmark and the other one in the U.S., compensating with 3 hours on Skype everyday.

Once again, offer your eyes a journey on their website.

And now, one of my favorite graphic designer, Julien Vallée.

This Canadian guy is all about freshness, experimentation, all kind of good stuff.

Before talking about his work, he showed us some of his inspiration, put some great quotes on screen and then make some behind the scene about his creative process.

Nice one, simple and inspiring. I won’t write too much about him cause you’d better go and see what this guy is able to do. Follow that.

To finish this post, this series of post, this festival cover, and the week-end, the best moment of the OFFF.


I don’t have any pictures of the live interview of Vincent Moon, cause my card was full, but it’s not a big deal as the best is to check his website. This French guy is the one who run “Les concerts à emporter“, “The take-away shows” as you would say. And what you can see there is more than a hundred live recorded songs by artists like Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Fleet Foxes and a lot more. He begun to do this in Paris, after actual live show of those guys, and now he left everything behind and is traveling around the world to record those great souvenirs.

Down is an embed video of an artist I never heard before. It’s Tomi Lebrero and is just a perfect song to listen. Instead of browsing a thousand websites for the next 7 minutes, you should take this journey in Buenos Aires.

If you followed me during those three days, a big hug, and please tell me if it was good enough as a report or if you have any suggestions for me to hear. To say the truth, now it’s finished, I think that it may have been better with one post for each intervention.

Let me know.

Cheers, beers.


  1. C.hd says:

    Thanks for the report. Thanks to you I had the impression to attend it.

  2. behemoth says:

    You’re kind but you’re not objective honey !

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