OFFF Paris Day 2: Melting brains.

June 27, 2010

Actually guys, it’s very hard to make a post after 10 hours of beers and concentration.

That’s why I’m posting now the second and third day at the OFFF Paris.

Please be my guest and read that, I know those posts are a bit long (Oh yeah I know, I’m writing them) but you can find some interesting links and discover new stuff.

After a lazy beginning yesterday, that second day started like a rocket. The man Hoss Gifford had the challenge to wake up the crowd. And he nailed it. He didn’t talk to much about his work, but as Stefan Sagmeister, more about what he learned so far. So that was a full hour of good advices that were spread right in our coffees and brains. From “Get things done” to the Peter principle, and even if we deeply know and have already heard such thing, it’s never a bad thing to see it on 3 big screens.

He said to mail him to get the PDF of the presentation so I’m gonna ask him if I can make it downloadable for you, knowledge greedy folks.

Then came Tara Mc Pherson and Firstborn. The first one is an illustrator, a girl with incredible tatoos on the arms but strangely, the drawings were very soft. Actually too soft for me. The second one is a flash website studio… …If you have read the post of day one I don’t have to explain, and if you didn’t, then you should go and read it. Ah !

After a sunny lunchbreak, Knife Party is up. It happened to be a single dude, Simon Robson that was involved for the past two years on a project to make an animation movie about the environment. As he didn’t wanted to do it alone and also have several styles in it, he asked to 20 different studios to work with him. Of course there was a big zero dollar for production and all was done for free. But finally, the film is done and you can view it by clicking right here.

Time now for Universal Everything.

Matt Pyke presentation was just about showing works they’ve done. Wich is pretty boring usually. Not when it’s one of those guys. As you know they are video and animation dudes, that’s why you don’t see much images here. But it was mind blowing and a great experience. He also told us about the commandments behind Universal Everything. Those are things like, ┬árefuse projects, don’t grow to much, don’t make pitch and more, but I can’t remember and wasn’t able to take a picture fast enough. Hopefully, my pal Olivier got it so I’ll update the post for you. Yeah I’m so kind with you.

Head up to their site if you don’t know the work of this studio. If you like inspired/poetical/motion you’ll be amazed.

Very big day as I said and it’s not finished.

Then Goodby, Silvertein and partners send 3 guys on stage and it was a shame as they begun with a 20 minutes movie about how great and big they are. Why communication industry professionals became so bad when it’s time to talk about their companies. I won’t talk about the case study they explained after that cause I don’t buy all their brand karma stuff.

As it was really hot in the room, I had to make a walk outside with a fresh coke and I missed the first part of SosoLimited speech. It’s a design studio where three overbrained MIT nerds do things I don’t think I understood totally. Got to check the website to learn more about.

To finish this incredible day, as a creamy dessert, DVEIN came up.

The room was full, people were crazy and screamed, I looked on the stage to see if Lady Gaga appeared but no. All this was for the three Barcelona dudes. And I can’t describe what happens when they Skyped Alex Trochut as they were talking about the Toca_Me introduction titles.

Same as Universal Everything, DVEIN is a video studio that you must know, not may, not should, just MUST. Go ahead.

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