OFFF Paris Day 1: Messy but sunny.

June 24, 2010

Hi everybody, I’m coming back from the OFFF Paris festival.

Hit the link below for a HUGE post.

What I will say first is : Thanks to the sun to be here.

Lots of people from any country of the world, with an incredible coolest T-shirt contest I’ve ever saw. The only common between us : We’ve been waiting in line for an hour and a half before we could come in. Computers fault they said. So most of us missed the first conference of Steven Heller. I was a bit angry cause the bio of this guy makes you want to hear what he has to say.

When we finally enter, the french web designers of hellohikimori were on the stage. They showed us some of their latest projects. Diesel and Ironman stuff but I’m not very found of. Maybe because I don’t like flash websites, there’s nothing that I hate more than a loader in the middle of a web page. It’s like sitting behind a giant with jackson5 hair cut at the movie.

Next we wanted to see Andreas Shabelnikov from Digital Abstract but he canceled the show at the last minute.

So we head up to the main room to see the guys of H5. Guess what ? They also canceled at the last moment. Time to go and lunch on the grass with a beer. Status of the first morning: FAILED.

Opposite to the morning, the afternoon has been great. First, and for me the best of the day, Craig Ward came to talk about the evolution of his typographic works. He showed us how personal experiments became clients pieces. Or how to have fun for you and if it’s good, someone will come and say “Hey, can you do it again with my logo for dollars ?” It’s the perfect proof that it’s always good to do some side projects out of your work, try things, it’s never a waste of time.

Most of the images of this post are works from that incredible dude that now makes microscopics A.

Then it was time for Dixon Baxi. Then again, lots of flash stuff, I won’t repeat what I’ve said.

Neville Brody was next on stage. Not to talk about his work but to give an interview of people he likes. He picked the Bazooka guys, punk/anarchist/angry/old school artists. This one was quite fun cause they said that advertising is the worst thing in the world, that we should be making the revolution instead of sitting here. All this in front of a mostly agency/studio/graphic industry peoples, and translated by a man from Sid Lee who were very surprised to say those things. Awkward awesome moment.

I finished the day, and this post cause it’s getting late and I’ve bothered too much already, with the folks of the Wooster Collective. Great presentation talking about street art and the different categories. We all have seen most of the pieces they put on screen but it was an interesting speech.

Come back tomorrow for the OFFF Paris Day 2.

See you guys, sorry for the pictures quality but you know, shooting a screen, in the dark, with a useless flash and no tripod is not so easy.

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