Nightmare: Five Second Project

November 7, 2010

Don’t know if someone is still hanging around since the last post in the past century, but anything can happen and I’ve got something to show you.

I’ve just finished a piece of motion for the Five Second Project competition over at the GreyScaleGorilla website. The theme this time was about nightmares. This was good cause I was bored by making animations with my B “drop” logo or the one of Fight the Lazy. I have to upload them also but I wait to have my Vimeo Plus account which should be soon now.

Hope you’ll like it.



  1. C.hd says:

    Welcome back ! Happy to see your new job ! Cheers

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Rooooh. Bien. Bien.

  3. behemoth says:

    Merci mon bon Manu. On a toujours des bières a vider au fait.

  4. C.hd says:

    Congrats for you mention in greyscalegorilla !

  5. behemoth says:

    What a fast comment !
    Thank you.
    Do I know you ?

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