January 16, 2011

Hello dudes.

Today is a big day. I have finally pushed the export button for my last animation. It’s been a very long work, lots of rendering time, editing and compositing tries, but the most difficult part for me, was the music. I made a big mistake as I didn’t took care of the music in the first place. I first made a version with a Billie Holiday song, very slow, with an old look compositing, but I was bored of this style cause I already did something like it for the BOUH animation.┬áSo I made it all over again with some electro and I think it works quite good.

Please turn up the volume and click play.



  1. C.hd says:

    Perfectly in time ;-))
    Good job for a first one ! I imagine it was hard for you to decide it was really finish. Congrats ! Chat is the next project ?

  2. David Sidhom says:

    Fantastic render skills! Good reading about your perspective on things too = )

  3. behemoth says:

    Thanks David, cool to hear it.

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