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June 13, 2010

I know, it’s Sunday. And this post should have blow your awaiting eyes yesterday.

I didn’t told you ? My mistake.

Saturdays are for the new links I found during the week. You will certainly know some of them, I’m not trying to do the freshest/hypest/buzzest links chase. I just want to make a list of what catched my brain in a small lap of time. Even if I was in a kikoolol-gothic mood…

If I do this, it’s not just only to please you — no don’t cry, I didn’t mean that honey ! — it’s also because both my memory and the way to manage links in browser are too lame to do the job. So I’m trying a new way and you are my Guinea pigs HA HA Ha ha ha a.

It’s Sunday and it’s the day for my cat to scratch my arms to blood while my girlfriend and I try to cut his claws.

Take care but enjoy.

Last thing guys. Don’t be shy and post yours in the comment.

CG Unit : Daily feed of pictures, drawings and paintings.

Hydro 74 : Graphic designer who also make cool trash fonts.

YouWorkForThem : Fonts, Stock Art and Graphic Design Goods

Sticker Robot : A low cost sticker printing company. Didn’t tried yet but seems to be good.

Zen Textures : Some free grungy textures. If you don’t already have about 200 zillions files like that spleeping in your hard drive.

Sketch Theatre : Excellent site where you can watch all kind of illustrators making drawings in video.

The Creative Lives : If you like the Beautiful Loosers or guys like Futura2000, you will like those videos.

Top Documentary : I get this one from a Signalnoise broadcast. You can watch a lot of all kind of documentary? Perfect to make a break…    …between to cinema 4D tut.

Alex Varanese : Very impressive 3D graphic designer. You should check this one.

Maltaanon : It’s Jerzy Drozda Jr website, and you can find a lot of tuts for After Effects, Cinema 4D and a lot of other stuff.

That’s all folks.

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