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June 20, 2010

I have to admit it. Saturday is definitely not a day to post.

To much things to do, not only cool ones. You know, all the things you don’t do during the week pretexting that you have too much work to do them. And then, hopefully, you meet your pals and lady and get drunk and it’s Sunday.

So Sunday will be the link day on my freshly modified schedule.

Let’s start the cool part :

Seth Godin Blog : If you know that dude, you know this link. But if you don’t know him, first start with his blog and then go read his books. To transform your work into a great experience here comes Seth Godin. I’ll make a longer post about him when I’ll finish the Linchpin.

So Much Pileup : Graphic design artifacts and inspiration from the 60s – 80s. Looks like a ffffound but back in the days.

The creators project : A new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world.

Red Giant People : A must have bookmark for all those who wants free presets for Red Giant plugin to use in After Effects. Made by the best, for us to have much rest. Just kidding, good to be downloaded to understand how all this shit works and make your own.

FringeFocus : Just discovered this one with a tweet and it’s full of good advices. Starting with this one : “Kill your worst portfolio piece right now”. Guess you got the tone.

Polishing Technology’s Golden Triangle : Even the title makes it serious. But when I’ll tell you that it’s a White House official site link, your mouth will fall on the floor. Yeah guys what did you think, I’m running a serious blog here. If you believe it get out, it’s just the only tweet of the week fro Google’s Eric Schmidt. Have fun.

Pariah Studio : It’s a motion graphic and 3d Studio where Robert Redman make excellent tutorials about Cinema 4D. Must have to understand the bases of a good workflow.

That’s all the links for this week folks.

Couldn’t make the surprise because of the weather but a bonus will be up soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Rob Loukotka says:

    I’m honored to have my blog in a list that also includes Seth Godin, haha. Thanks!

    I love the style of this blog, rockin’ the blue/white.

  2. Rob Loukotka says:


    Every time I start a new paragraph.

    You automatically include a:

    Divider as a line break.

    Very cool. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

  3. behemoth says:

    Thanks Rob. That’s how I want to manage those list, mixing all inspiring stuff together without any hierarchy.
    Your blog and that post in particular was great. Done the killing right after I read it. Keep doing it.

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