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July 3, 2010

This week link list is a bit special. For the first time I will promote people that I actually know in the real life out there. Yeah, go deep in your brain you’ll see what I’m talking about, you nerds. That thing hiding on the other side of the door.

The three of them works in the agency where I spend the most part of my days.


First, not only cause she is the only girl of that selection, but also because she is sitting right next to me and I’m afraid she could beat me till death if I don’t, is Maud Lepetit. She is one of the best graphic designer I know. She works as well in advertising, edition, identity, design and website. Everytime you can see her touch in a work, all is really sharp, typography (which I think is the hardest thing to manage) is always well fit and balanced. Never too much, here you stay with the essential to deliver the message.

As images often are better than words, have a look at and get back to see what’s next.



This what I call a “DUDE”, a real one. The kind of guy that could live in a forest and have bears to play poker with. You got the image now? Nicolas Poillot work as an art director. That said, we gonna talk more about his side project, Je suis une bande de jeunes.

Some years back, with three of his pals, he founded a collective of photographers. As they make great pictures but also love others work, they started producing their own zine. You can imagine the energy you need to run such a thing when you already have a work day in the head. But they are doing it great and are successful in keeping the same editorial spirit line. Surprising confluences of symbolic space/time/people. You see I don’t know how to resume that so quickly.

So please go High Five them on the jesuisunebandedejeunes web site and why not ask them for some pictures, zines or even click the new donation button they have.



Last but not least, Olivier is the one who was with me hanging around at the OFFF 2010. He work as a strategic planning image director. Quite hard to figure out what that really mean, but he is the one guy you must go and discuss with when you are lost in this world of imagery diarrhea. He can talk of artists you’ve never heard about for days, mixing images of today with things from a forgotten past.

Sadly for you, english readers his website is wrote exclusively in French. But you should go and have a journey here, cause even if words are important in this particular occasion, most of the post on Le Greffon will make you see todays images slightly differently.

Hope you enjoy the show guys. It time for me to have some beers with a soccer match.

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  1. the bear says:

    “The kind of guy that could live in a forest and have bears to play poker with.”……….Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !
    je ne m’en remets toujours pas, ├ža me va droit au coeur !!
    la bise

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