Körner Union

August 21, 2010

What the f… means Körner Union.

It’s an artist crew composed by Sami Benhadj, Tarik Hayward and Guy Meldem. They play and react with every kind of media. Photography, drawings, video, design, music and I’m sure I forgot some. This morning I was laughing alone again while watching a movie where Sami tries to escape from his furnitures. Dope !

If I’m talking about those guys right now, it’s because I’ve been working with them on a commercial project for the past fifteen days, and this was a great opportunity. I won’t show here the results cause it’s about what I do for a living and I don’t want to have those things around here. Maybe one day I will have enough strength to make a website for all these stuff.

Let’s get back to the point of interest. Those guys are really clever and cool in the same time. It’s really not a boys band where everybody looks the same. Each of them have is own personality and that’s what, I think, makes their work interesting. You never know which guy made that drawing or did that video, this is the goal for being a crew. In most of crews, you know who took care of each work because individuality takes over. This is the kind of behavior they keep away from the thinking process. They told me about the package of rules they have, helping them to stay in the right direction and that everybody around took them for silly dudes.

I’m gonna stop licking their ass now but be sure to head on the Körner Union website, and if you want to see more illustration and commercial stuff (Yeah the devil got them under his right wing) check their agent site also.

As always, dudes from around the world, don’t sit on your bottom and go make that cool idea a real thing. Hope the Körner Union work will motivate you.

Cheers, stay tuned, I worked on a 3D animation that I can’t wait to show you, only the 20 hours that it takes to make a new render…

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