Inspiration: Jeremy Fish

June 8, 2010

Ok guys. It’s Tuesday, and Tuesdays are gonna be the inspiration day if I believe my new schedule.

So let’s start with some very loud stuff.

There are a few people like this. You meet them or see their work and instantly you wish to be them. Or steal their brain to replace yours.

To me, Jeremy Fish is one of those.

He is really a great painter, he sculpts his frames and animals like nobody. But what I prefer are the ideas and concept of all this.

Head down to the full post to see more images of the great work. Don’t miss a journey on his sillypinkbunnies website to blow your eyes. I also recommand you the excellent Fecal Face, where I saw his art the first time. You’ll find some interesting studio visits and interviews of the guy. And a lot more.

I’m out now.

See you soon.

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