Hello world! What the fuck is this blog!

March 30, 2010

Even if the name speaks by itself, I think an introduction could be useful.

So let’s go !

The aim of Fight the Lazy came because I’m the first to be often hostage of my sofa. For all of us who already have hard work during the day, it’s easy to come home, feed the cat and watch that sad lightbox we call TV.

When I realized how long I could stay in front of it and do nothing else than thumb workout, I hated myself instantly.

Like lots of people of my generation, the TV was my baby sitter and so I feel safe when it’s on. It’s like a mother who doesn’t ask you to wash your hands before dinner.

The other thing is that I was always complaining about time flying to fast.

I always said that I wish a day could last for 36 hours, so I could do something else than working.

But Man, when you loose 4 or 5 hours in the sofa everyday, and even more during week-ends, you can’t say you need more time to do stuff. Get your ass out of the couch and start doing something.

That’s how everything started. I always wanted to draw, make fun T-shirts, take pictures, learn 3D and video software. Huge program.

So a year ago, I kicked my ass and get to work.

And in a very short time, I learned how to do DIY silkscreening and it’s awesome.

I love to start the week-end drawing something and wearing my brand new unique T-shirt on sundays. I love falling asleep every night (when I don’t go and get drunk with friends, I’m not a fucking robot !) with the idea that I made something I really like.

What a great feeling it is to be proud of yourself.

Everytime I make something new, I discover an other thing I want to do. So now I’m learning Cinema 4D and After Effect, watch tutorials and do my stuff with it.

I always get out with a camera in my backpack, and try to shoot something everyday, even if it’s with the crappy cam of my iPhone, and send it to my posterous blog.

—By the way it’s bhmth.posterous.com, feel free to have a look. I’ll explain why “BHMTH” in an other post cause it’s a long story, again.—

I’m gonna try now to finish this endless post.

The thing is not to be instantly the best in everything you try, the thing is to try.

Learn something new, do something new, talk to different people, be curious of everything.

You don’t have to do a masterpiece a day, open a dictionary and learn a new word, do a crappy drawing on a nap, who cares.

I will post here what I discover or make to inspire you.  But my wish is also that you write in the comment what you’ve learned so far.

Let’s have fun while learning new stuff and Fight the Lazy dudes !

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  1. chd says:

    Great Idea ! It’s so true ! I add it to my favorite and try to participate, if I move my bloody ass…

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