Discovering Signalnoise

June 2, 2010

Incredible, a new post so soon ! Yeah I know, I’m that kind of guy.

Two weeks ago, I discovered Signalnoise, a graphic design studio in Halifax

The man behind Signalnoise is James White. I have to say that I really like his work, kind of mix between 80’s futuristic design and a modern and colorful treatment. The posters above are just a short selection of his skills and you should have a look at the whole website.

He andĀ The Gorilla were introducingĀ “Two hours of Power”, a webcast to talk about work, how to do cool shit, be productive and lots of good talking.

On his blog, he does not only show his work, but make interesting posts about artists who have inspired him, and also some tutorials of his workflow.

One thing that could stop you : he loves Iron Maiden, and others hard rock bands. But besides that, he looks like a cool dude.

Now you’ve read this, go straight HERE.

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