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Book: Fils à maman

November 8th, 2011

This one is for the french folks !
Fils à maman est un livre de dialogues absurdes entre Jésus et Marie. Entièrement fait à la main, c’est à dire que les 500 feuilles on étés coupées une par une, pliées et ensuite percées afin de passer le fil de la reliure. Imprimé sur du papier recyclé, deux poids de papier différents. Il n’existe que 50 exemplaires numérotés de cet ouvrage.
Je vous conseille d’aller jeter un oeil sur le site prévu à cet effet et pourquoi pas, dans un élan de folie, de cliquer sur le bouton paypal.

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The cool thing about New Years Eve resolutions is that you don’t have to really do them.

January 5th, 2011

Hey guys !

Looks like I made it to 2011 even if you could have thought I was buried under 6 feet of mud and playing with my new friends the insects. Actually feeding them.

So Happy New Year to the few people hanging around, I wish you whatever you want. For me it will be as always, winning to the national lottery or wake up as an old man living in a mansion in californie, wearing a dressing gown all day… You got it.
As it never happens, I wish to have the money to get one of those 12 core MacPro. I can’t stand waiting hours to have 25 frames anymore.

My friend Olivier told me the other day that we have to update our blogs at least once a week for the next year. I think it’s a good resolution and I will try to make it real. The thing is I don’t want to write just because I have to do it, I prefer to have things to show you, but maybe it will make me do less complex stuff so I can render more than one animation a month.
I know I don’t have render time for my drawings but I have to admit that I didn’t draw since a few months as I do more and more 3D.

Well, enough talk, as always we’ll see what 2011 brings to us and how we manage all this new crap.
Have fun, stay tuned, my last animation will be up next week folks.

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Back in the business.

July 25th, 2010

Hi everybody !

I’ve been quite busy those last days that’s why you didn’t see any post around here. Lots of work at the agency and some extra stuff like building websites for friends took all my time for the last two weeks. I’m sorry for this break but sometime you can’t manage both of the real and the virtual life together. I couldn’t even have a look on twitter to see what’s going on there, so now I have two weeks of links to dig. Hopefully for me the weather is kind of bad today, like an October sunday, you know what I mean.

On the good side, I just receive my business cards and they are awesome. It was way quicker than I thought, big up to the guy who took care of it. As promised, just the logo with a dot com below it. The back is full blue with no writing. I have to do the contact page on the website before spreading them away now.

I also make some more tries with silkscreening and if it’s still not as perfect as I want, I’m close to it. The Goldorak/Grandizer/Mazinger (pick the name of your country) is witnessing my words and I’ve got some more to come.

See you soon guys, and don’t forget to fight even if you are on holidays.

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OFFF Paris Day 3: Last but not least.

June 27th, 2010

Hey folks ! Welcome to the third and last report from the OFFF Paris 2010.



OFFF Paris Day 2: Melting brains.

June 27th, 2010

Actually guys, it’s very hard to make a post after 10 hours of beers and concentration.

That’s why I’m posting now the second and third day at the OFFF Paris.

Please be my guest and read that, I know those posts are a bit long (Oh yeah I know, I’m writing them) but you can find some interesting links and discover new stuff.


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