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Back in the business.

July 25th, 2010

Hi everybody !

I’ve been quite busy those last days that’s why you didn’t see any post around here. Lots of work at the agency and some extra stuff like building websites for friends took all my time for the last two weeks. I’m sorry for this break but sometime you can’t manage both of the real and the virtual life together. I couldn’t even have a look on twitter to see what’s going on there, so now I have two weeks of links to dig. Hopefully for me the weather is kind of bad today, like an October sunday, you know what I mean.

On the good side, I just receive my business cards and they are awesome. It was way quicker than I thought, big up to the guy who took care of it. As promised, just the logo with a dot com below it. The back is full blue with no writing. I have to do the contact page on the website before spreading them away now.

I also make some more tries with silkscreening and if it’s still not as perfect as I want, I’m close to it. The Goldorak/Grandizer/Mazinger (pick the name of your country) is witnessing my words and I’ve got some more to come.

See you soon guys, and don’t forget to fight even if you are on holidays.

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Hello world! What the fuck is this blog!

March 30th, 2010

Even if the name speaks by itself, I think an introduction could be useful.

So let’s go !


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