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July 11th, 2010

Yesterday was a really good day guys. Maybe you will blame me because it’s absolutely not a “save the planet” kind of thing, but the adrenalin shot was worth it. What I did so far ? Thanks to my girl, I’ve been on a racetrack to drive an old Porsche 911, and then, the incredibly powerfull/kicking ass/520 cv Lamborghini Gallardo. This was totally amazing and I thought for a second to never come back to the pit and drive away home. Problem, I don’t have the money to pay the gas for the ride.

Long introduction, I know. See the other pictures and my first impressions with a Canon7D by clicking just down there.

I know you want to do it come on don’t be shy.


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Photography: Hey but those are mine !

June 9th, 2010

I have to admit that it’s Wednesday. And it’s pretty cool actually.

Cause It’s the day where I show up some of my photos.

So, I could say that they are awesome, that the guy who shoot them is also awesome. But I won’t ! (Doesn’t mean I do not believe it)

The only thing I got to say is that they are real takes, and no photoshop were maltreated at any moment. I shot that on my roof on a 14th of July, wich is, in my country (France) a national celebration. And what is better for a celebration than proudly show up all the military stuff that we own ?

Peace Dudes. I’m out of here.

Two more photos are waiting for you if you click the link below.


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Niger can blow your mind

April 21st, 2010

Hey folks, I’ve been teasing you a little in the last post about pictures I made a few years back in Africa.

So, once upon a time… In 2006 I’ve been in Niger to make a commercial for a water brand. The movie in itself was not so interesting but I had the chance to stay a week in the far east of the country. It’s been the more mind blowing experience in my life so far and I think that’s why it took me so long to get in those pictures and select a few of them. Those were made with a little cybershot (5MP, even phones do better now) so some are a little blurry.

You can see all the pictures and the end of the text after the break


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