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Inspiration: Jeff Soto

June 15th, 2010

Guys, I’m guilty. No post yesterday. I can feel your anger through the keyboard.

You have been waiting for a new post on a book and nothing.

But don’t think that was because of the lazy sitting on top of me, preventing me to catch my laptop.

No dudes, it’s worse. That’s because of the booze. Yesterday happen to be the third anniversary of my agency. You can imagine that a party was organised, alcohol and music everywhere. And that’s how you miss your schedule

Let’s finish the apology thing and talk about one of my top ten artist, Jeff Soto.

Jeff Soto is a californian artist, like many of my prefered ones, and got in his DNA some psychedelic dreams that he transfers to the canvas, wall, piece of paper, anything that falls under his hand. I can’t explain why I like his paintings, maybe because of the childish references with robots, fur creatures or geometric shapes. This, mix with a very good skills at making textures and weird backgrounds.

The best for you now is :

First, have a look to his site, the images are so damn long to load but it’s worth it.

Second, head over to fecale face again and type Jeff Soto in the search engine. You’ll see a lot of post that he made about his trip around the world. More than art, you will discover the most incredible collection of food pictures and also his endless love for candy bars from everywhere on the globe.

Again, you may (and actually I hope) know that guy before, but the goal (yeah! world cup wink) is to reference people I like and not the last thing that pop on the web.

See you tomorrow. No booze allowed.

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Inspiration: Jeremy Fish

June 8th, 2010

Ok guys. It’s Tuesday, and Tuesdays are gonna be the inspiration day if I believe my new schedule.

So let’s start with some very loud stuff.

There are a few people like this. You meet them or see their work and instantly you wish to be them. Or steal their brain to replace yours.

To me, Jeremy Fish is one of those.

He is really a great painter, he sculpts his frames and animals like nobody. But what I prefer are the ideas and concept of all this.

Head down to the full post to see more images of the great work. Don’t miss a journey on his sillypinkbunnies website to blow your eyes. I also recommand you the excellent Fecal Face, where I saw his art the first time. You’ll find some interesting studio visits and interviews of the guy. And a lot more.

I’m out now.

See you soon.


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Discovering Signalnoise

June 2nd, 2010

Incredible, a new post so soon ! Yeah I know, I’m that kind of guy.

Two weeks ago, I discovered Signalnoise, a graphic design studio in Halifax

The man behind Signalnoise is James White. I have to say that I really like his work, kind of mix between 80’s futuristic design and a modern and colorful treatment. The posters above are just a short selection of his skills and you should have a look at the whole website.

He and The Gorilla were introducing “Two hours of Power”, a webcast to talk about work, how to do cool shit, be productive and lots of good talking.

On his blog, he does not only show his work, but make interesting posts about artists who have inspired him, and also some tutorials of his workflow.

One thing that could stop you : he loves Iron Maiden, and others hard rock bands. But besides that, he looks like a cool dude.

Now you’ve read this, go straight HERE.

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