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June 15th, 2010

“What ! Two posts on the same day. Did you fell on your head ?”

It’s incredible what guiltiness can do. So there is a sketch I made, combining two of my obsessions, skulls and Goldorak/Grandizer, depends where you live on our spaceship. I’m a bit ashamed to put this after Jeff Sotos’ work but you now, to get better, you have to compare with the best. And I’ve got a long road in front of me.

Go do something useful now.

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Drawing: What the F. It’s me again !

June 10th, 2010

//School Mode On//

– What’s the day todaaaaay ?

– Thursday Miss !

– Right Kevin ! And what’s happening on Thurdays ? Yesss Amanda, we are taking our pencils and doing some beauuutiful drawings to show in the hall.

– Teacher, teacher ! Kevin is drawing a penis on the wall again !

//School Mode Off//

So you get it, Thursdays are to show my “Wunderbar” drawings.

See you guys. Maybe not tomorrow due to soccer worldcup and all the beers that go with it.

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Sunday drawing

April 25th, 2010

I finally started to scan some drawings and I thought this one would be good for a Sunday. This will be the cover of a book I’m gonna try to print with silkscreening. Stay tuned to see more.


Ladies and gentlman, start your pencils.

April 22nd, 2010

And nowwwww ! It’s time for some drawing shit.

This one doesn’t look like the ones I use to do but I kinda dig it. It contains some of my favourites themes as hairy stuff, bones, clouds and the multiple schizophrenic head. I will post some more as soon as I find the strength for scanning them. I’m sure lots of you knows this boring part of the work and understand my lazy. But be sure I will FIGHT it.

You can also go to my old site and have a look on those crappy and fast drawing I like to do.

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