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July 12, 2010

If you want to understand why you have to read the entire Type Directors Club collection, hit the link dudes.

I don’t know why I didn’t start the book posts with those ones. It’s a complete heresy, what on earth could have made forgot those books. I began to buy them when I started my graphic design school, and keep waiting for the next one every year. It’s like waiting for your first bicycle, or firetruck with a siren so loud your parents try to kill your uncle for buying it on christmas.

So, if you are interested in typography and layout excellence, dive into all of them, even the first ones (very affordable on internet). Some rules in type treatment are here since decades and will last for long. Maybe more than you. Surely more than you actually.

One of the good thing is, the fonts are listed below each works. So it’s a good reference when you see a font you like but don’t know/remember the name. It’s also interesting, I used to do it cause my teachers sucked, you scan a work and try to make the same text block, just to understand how great designers make an elegant typographic grey.

Each year, a high leveled designers jury pick the best designs with type, but also font creation, which is the origin of the TDC.

You can see in the TDCs all kind of media, but there must be a typeface in there. All the way from print design, logo, to internet and motion and even more each years. Not only professionals work, but also the best students projects can share a spread without any kind of shame.

I’ve said enough, you should already be in a bookstore or on amazon right now.

You’ll fight better if you feed yourself first.

I miss the Canon 7D…

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