Book: The Carnival of Charlatans

June 7, 2010

Even tough I mostly speak to myself for now, I wanted you/me to know that I created a new category on this blog.

Let me indroduce you the BOOK category. (Now I can hear the crowd cheering, applauding and even see a girl passing out)

The reason why I do this is because I love books, no really, you should see my shelves. One day you will, but I have to dust them before. Yeah you know it.

So, the first book I show is one of the latest I bought.

In “The carnival of charlatans”, both Hell’o Monsters and Sebastien Vanden Berghe show their skills. The first one is an incredible illustrator who can turn any trash image into visual poetry. The second one does the same thing with words.

I don’t know how they worked it out, if texts are born from the drawing or the opposite but both work perfectly and push their meanings forward.

I stop it now, have a look at the end of this post to see more images.

BTW, I’m trying to have a regular schedule and Monday is dedicated to the book posts.

Stay tuned for more thrilling discoveries.

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