Book: Aim High, Keep Moving!

June 28, 2010

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen !

As we are the first Monday after the OFFF, this week book is the retrospective book of the OFFF last 10 years.

Hit the link below before its cold.

This book smells sweat. In the good way. Directed by Aimée Campos, the Sanpuk guys and girls made a full handmade design. Every single page have a different look. Kinda crazy stuff, really. I made a full website with that method last year and I now the time it takes to achieve a look like this. It always starts with a great idea at the beginning of the project, and when you’re in the middle of, you cry blood tears every single night till the end. But as people says “Oh it’s great, I love that craft look” you bite a wood block and take the pencil again.

So, when you buy this book, you have a really great design, but not only. Yes “Madame”, some of the pages are to scratch, fold and things like that. And it’s not finished, in the interior cover at the end of it, you’ll find plenty of toys to play with the book. You’ve got stickers, magnifying glass, tatoos, and a lot more…

I stop there cause you’ll think they paid me a lot of money to tell you all those goods things. Actually they did. No, but maybe I should ask now don’t you think ?

Ok, I get out of here.


  1. HelloMaud says:

    Great book, great blog, go on Dude !

  2. behemoth says:

    Thank you Maud ! It’s good to have cheers from you.
    Guys, if you want to see some great graphic and design stuff, check out

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