Book: Fils à maman

November 8, 2011

This one is for the french folks !
Fils à maman est un livre de dialogues absurdes entre Jésus et Marie. Entièrement fait à la main, c’est à dire que les 500 feuilles on étés coupées une par une, pliées et ensuite percées afin de passer le fil de la reliure. Imprimé sur du papier recyclé, deux poids de papier différents. Il n’existe que 50 exemplaires numérotés de cet ouvrage.
Je vous conseille d’aller jeter un oeil sur le site prévu à cet effet et pourquoi pas, dans un élan de folie, de cliquer sur le bouton paypal.

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L like Lots of work

May 6, 2011



And hello again everybody. As you can read in the title, I had quite some work for the past few months. That’s why I didn’t post so much stuff on the blog.

Having a little break last Sunday I made those little exercises on Cinema 4D. Not a big deal but I like those enough to have them as background images on my Mac.

Hope to talk to you soon guys.


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January 16, 2011

Hello dudes.

Today is a big day. I have finally pushed the export button for my last animation. It’s been a very long work, lots of rendering time, editing and compositing tries, but the most difficult part for me, was the music. I made a big mistake as I didn’t took care of the music in the first place. I first made a version with a Billie Holiday song, very slow, with an old look compositing, but I was bored of this style cause I already did something like it for the BOUH animation. So I made it all over again with some electro and I think it works quite good.

Please turn up the volume and click play.



Forgotten Frames / Part 2

January 9, 2011

The second video I missed posting on the blog is one about the Ink Drop logo for BHMTH I posted here.

About that, as I thought the black drop was a good idea when I found it, I’ve seen a lot of them around the web in the last months. So I don’t know if it shows a lack of creativity or another evidence that ideas are in the air. I don’t know if I should find something else or stick to it. If you have a thought about that don’t hesitate.

Well, as you imagine, with all those shiny, reflective drops, I could have cooked some eggs on my laptop during render time. But nothing compare to the next animation I’ll post in the week. More drops coming in, lots of, as I was playing with the thinking particles.

Feel free to comment, even in a bad way.


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Forgotten Frames / Part 1

January 9, 2011

I have just realized that I forgot to post here two animations I made at the end of  2010. They are on Vimeo since a while now and I never talk about them on my blog. What a shame ! But that was 2010, a new year is here and I swear I’ll be a perfect dude (the cool thing about internet is that you can’t see my crossed fingers)

So first, this is an animation for Fight the Lazy to play around with the destruction derby. Render time was endless, as usual, but it was fun.

Enjoy. Come over for the second one in a few moment. The animation I was teasing about in the last post will be out in the week due to renders I have to output for a client.


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